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Grit Coaching March Update: Quotes to remember, Bunch rides, Oceania reflection, Training process, Core knowledge, Content worth consuming

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March Newsletter

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3 Quotes On Process

1. On Not Rushing The Process

"Do you want to be fast now, or fast when it counts"

Source Jim Miller

Former World MTB Champ Kate Courtney's coach trying to explain to her that the purpose is to peak in the moment that matters. She wanted to win every practice, she would constantly do more than was planned, push hard in easy days, do one more set etc... A great attitude to have an elite athlete. In this instance she wasn't recovering and kept digging in order to get out of the hole, which made things worse. This is a real word example of the need to be disciplined with your discipline. The Need to focus on sustainability.

2. Making Good Decisions

"The Process Principle: When you evaluate a decision, focus on the process you used to make the decision and not the outcome"

Source: James Parnish

Luck can mess us up and make us think we made a good choice when actually we didn't. On the flip side, we might make a good decision and fail. Using this principle makes it possible to learn whether you win or lose.

3. Golas vs Systems

Your goals are like the rudder on the boat. They set the direction and determine where you go. If you commit to one goal, then the rudder stays put and you continue moving forward. If you flip-flop between goals, then the rudder moves all around and it is easy to find yourself rowing in circles.... However, there is another part of the boat that is even more important than the rudder: The oars. If the rudder is your goal, then the oars are your process for achieving it. While the rudder determines your direction, it is the oars that determine your progress.

Source: James Clear

Upcoming Group Rides

Saturday 2nd March - Mechanics Bay Bunch - 8 am

Wednesday 6th - 6 am Kohi Cafe - 1h 15m Loop

Sunday 10th - Te Henga Bethells

Wednesday 13th - 6 am Kohi Cafe - 1h 15m Loop

Sunday 17th - Reverse Butter Chicken

Wednesday 20th - 6 am Kohi Cafe - 1h 15m Loop

Sunday 24th - Concrete Monster

Wednesday 27th - 6 am Kohi Cafe - 1h 15m Loop

Sunday 31st - Grit Coast Loop

New and Noteworthy Events

North Harbour Crits - Fridays - March 1st and 8th. Two races left!

CMC Calendar - Some great local racing coming up.

TA Tour - Nice little two day tour which offers racing for young and old.

Smaller races provide a great opportunity to experiment and try things you wouldn't want to test in your A races. You can experiment with tactics, nutrition, equipment etc... Its near impossible to replicate the pressure and chaos of a race.

CNZ Oceania Camp/ Champs Reflection

A couple of weeks ago I worked with CNZ coaching team (supporting Andrew Williams the U19 NZ coach) to put on a development camp with potential Junior Worlds track riders. The focus was to give the larger group a chance to really dial technique and build an effective team environment. This would allow the selected team to hit the ground running in the final pre worlds camp. This process started back in November 2023 with an initial camp which I was also attended as a coach.
One of the big work ons apart from the technique stuff, was encouraging riders to drive their own development, by encouraging them to make their own race plans, drive honest reflective practice, own mistakes and actively contribute to the team. This makes them easier to coach and more involed in the process. A big requirement for the high performance programs. It's also the best way to build resilient self sufficient athletes and strong adaptable teams.

One of the coolest things I witnessed was how the top team took charge in leading their own post race debriefs, It sparked much richer discussions with very little input needed from us. They were owning the process, and having this allowed them to commit to the workons as a team much more effectively. It also improved our ability to coach them effectively. They went on to win the U19 Team Pursuit title beating the australian squad.

Many of you will recognise Hunter Dalton on the podium, a regular on the Sunday bunch rides.

Training Process: Individual Performance Plan (IPP)

I have been using IPP's mainly with younger riders for years now. In the high performance space it is absolutely essential for young athletes to show they are engaging with this process and have evidence that they are driving this process themselves. For an aspiring young athlete looking to get to the top level it makes sense, but I would argue it's important for us all. It's about being intentional and having a strategy to achieving the goal.

Here are the mechanics of the IPP's I use. This is a collaboration between coach and athlete.

  1. Starts with quickly rating 50+ traits from 1-10 of perceived rating. These traits are broken into different categories from, physical, technical and tactical, self management, environment and psychological. They give clues as to where we can improve habits etc..
  2. Identify where you want to get to in 3-8 years
  3. Identify performance goals this year that work with your long term vision.
  4. Identify the gaps that are preventing you from achieving those goals.
  5. Come up with strategies to improve those gaps
  6. Identify how we are going to monitor progression with improving those gaps.
  7. Things to be mindful of - What does it look like when things are going well? What does it look like when things are not going well.
  8. Put planning into action
  9. Reflect, adjust and repeat as part of an endless cycle...

This really helps to give a clear and intentional path towards what you want to achieve and strategy to get there. As an athlete you have to be onboard with this and drive it from your side. In my experience it doesn't work so well if it's being driven solely by the coach.

You don't have to be an elite athlete to go through this process. If it's something you think would be cool to try. Send me an email and I will forward you the doc and we can start the process.

Core Knowledge Program

I have been endorsed by CNZ to take part in the HPSNZ Core Knowledge program since they first launched the pilot workshops in 2021. I will be starting my 3rd full year of the program in 2024 and I am really excited to keep bringing you all my learnings from these workshops. Each workshop is 3 days in length and there are 4 across the year (2 on coaching craft and 2 on energy systems/ physiology). Each workshop requires you to complete a project/ research with our NSO (Cycling New Zealand). It's been really cool to collaborate with coaches from many different sports and understand best practices at the high performance level. Check out this article on the the core knowledge program.

Content Worth Consuming

Article - Turning Pro: The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals

This article gets you thinking about the mindset differences between amateurs (enthusiast without real commitment) and professionals (Masters of their craft). The majority of these examples relate heavily to sport. Which ones do you think are most important in a sporting setting like cycling?

YouTube Video - What Lactate is and What it Actually Does - Dr Andy Galpin

Lactate gets a bad wrap. The term lactate acid gets used incorrectly a lot, especially in cycling commentary. Its perpetuated by the fact that we measure it during testing and it peaks at failure, this helps create the idea that its bad. Dr Andy Galpin is great at explaining physiology. He also has a video on how to detect BS when doing research that I highly recommend.


We are very proud of super mum Emma Hadley for completing the Tarawera 50km (actually 54km) Ultrarun on Saturday the 17th of Feb. Those of you who know Emma know she likes a challenge. Training for a 50k trail run as a new mum navigating post pregnancy and sleep deprivation fitted that bill for her. Running has been a great way for us to keep our exercise practice going with the increased load of having a little one. Both of us look forward to doing more running and cycling in 2024. Emma has her sights set on another epic run and some cycling events as well. I am going to have a crack at Edition Zero as well as some more cycle racing. The Tarawera Ultra was a great event and doubled as a nice family holiday for all of us as well.

If you got this far congrats! That's a wrap!

Cheers Team!

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